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Influencer Collaboration


Is looking to work with Fitness Models, Vegan, and/or Health Conscious



Now and Zen Bodyworks is looking for vibrant, energetic, confident individuals with influence.


We would love to work with leading Fitness Models, Vegan, and/or Health Conscious INFLUENCERS who know a thing or two about the health benefits of self-care and massage therapy.


If you are a vibrant, energetic, confident individual with influence and a passion for healthy living, we would love to hear from you. We want to spoil you with some of our amazing services in return for social media feedback on your experience.


What we are looking for:

  • Leading Fitness Model, Vegan, and/or Health Conscious influencers

  • Enthusiasm and a passion for your niche

  • Integrity and consistency

  • Curated content (Clear focused images, sharp style, and type, fluent and witty captions) 

  • Commitment 


What you will do:

As an influencer collaborating with Now & Zen Bodyworks, you will undertake social media sponsorship. We will provide you with a free therapy session (based on the needs of the business) for you to:

  • Share appropriate images and videos of the experience;

  • Post about the experience on your social media platforms, including social media stories, creating reels, reposting content, etc.;

  • Mentions and images on your feed and in your stories;

  • Tag @NowandZenBodyworks/@NowNZenBodyworks


About the Brand:

Brenda Austin launched Now and Zen Bodyworks, located in Addison Texas. 

“Massage started with me as a way to relieve my muscle soreness and tension in my body.  I then realized how important massage was for the body to heal. I found peace by receiving massages and practicing mediation, fitness, yoga, and Zen. While practicing a better way of living, Zen became a way of life; it became my lifestyle. I started to see my body and mind shift in a way I never thought was possible. My hope is that my experiences will help you find a little piece of Zen within yourself.” 


Now and Zen Bodyworks is dedicated to health, wellness, and optimal body health through custom massage therapy. We specialize in customized total body improvement through a variety of techniques, including:


□          SportsStretch Therapy                             □        The Spirit of Zen

□          Slimming Lipo Cavitation Machine          □        Wood/Ice Sculpting – Body Contouring

□          Manual Lymphatic Massage                    □        Cupping Therapy

□          Deep Tissue Massage                              □       Swedish Massage

□          Sports Massage                                        □        Hot Stone Massage

□          Zen Reflexology                                       □        Prenatal Massage

□          Herbal Body Wraps                                  □        Neck, Back, Shoulders Massage

□          Zen Chair Massage                                  □        Stress Free in 30 Minutes

□          Mobile Massage (in-home)                      □        The Ultimate Night of Zen

□          Zen-ergizing Spa Party                            □        Facial



Our massage and treatment therapies are specifically designed around the needs of the client. We aim to provide a professional, relaxing environment with a service that offers lasting benefits.


The content you create will include details of the treatment you receive, your overall experience of the treatment, and your time at our spa.


The content will include selected images and agreed hashtags.


Draft Review:

We would love your content, to be honest, authentic feedback on your experience at Now and Zen Bodyworks. However, we reserve the right to review and approve content before posting with some campaigns. This requirement will be clearly stated when engaging re the campaign. 



The deliverables will be based on the treatment provided and the requirements of the business. These will be agreed upon prior to engagement.



You will receive ONE FREE session of the therapy/service we are promoting in return for social media feedback on your experience. In addition, compensation may include one round of revisions if the campaign is subject to a Draft Review. No additional compensation will be given for making these revisions.


*Please note that there is no additional budget available for collaboration.


Selection Process:

Entries are limited to individuals who can attend the treatments at our premises located in Addison, Texas. If you’re interested in collaborating with Now and Zen Bodyworks, please get in touch with us and tell us a little bit about yourself. Please also include relevant social media handles.

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