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Divine Feminine Energy
Enlightenment Goddess Retreat

You Deserve this retreat!!

We all know the routine of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.


We spend most of our lives taking care of family, friends and loved ones.


We work 9-5 jobs we might or might not love but need a major reset to fall back in love with our career and self again.


We need to align with our inner light and restore those broken pieces within ourselves.

We need to heal our wombs from childbirth, surgeries sickness and traumas

Why You Deserve this Retreat?

Now and Zen Bodyworks strives to assist you with reconnecting to your inner self.


Reclaim that playful person you are deep inside.


We want to remind you that you are whole, loved, and honored.


We want to nurture you as you have nurtured your loved ones.


Let’s keep it real you DESERVE this retreat.

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Are you still on the fence? 

Registration Is Open!

Immerse yourself in the Spirit of Jamaica

It’s time to plan the much-needed escape you deserve for your mind, body and soul.

The birth place of Bob Marley, reggae music, Rastafarian lifestyle, waterfalls and salt water beaches. Paradise is just around the corner. We are waiting on You.

A place where there known for beach hopping, horseback riding on the beach, hiking to the nearest waterfalls, bonfires on the beach, and luxurious dining is the best place to unwind and relax.

Dive deep into yourself release what does not serve you, all while healing your inner child and aligning with the deserved reset you need.


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