Centering Sacral Healing (Crystal Citrine)

Centering Sacral Healing (Crystal Citrine)


This Centering Sacral Healing (Crystal Citrine)candle is 100% soy and burn up to 60 hours. This candle is out #8 seller. 12.25 Oz. Closed Lid Premium Glass Container – 60+ Hour Burn TimePrice for One Candle: $13.50 + tax Crakin Birch is a 100% SOY candle made in Dallas, Texas. 


The scent is Crakin Birch a warm freshing scent that fills up the room.




Meaning: Citrine brings sunshine into your life. Its radiant energy cultivates positivity, growth and abundance. It is one of the only crystals that does not store any negativity. Working with it infuses your soul with happiness and light to open you up to the new opportunities and positive possibilities that already surround you.


Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus

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