Zen Colon Cleanse Tea

The colon is a natural breeding ground for bacteria. When too much fermentation and putrefaction is generated in the colon as a result of neglecting to keep it as free from feces and waste as possible, the pathogenetic bacteria proliferate and ailments result. It is necessary that such waste be expelled from the body, and for this purpose your colon is equipped with a very efficient system of elimination. That is to say, "efficient" if it is in good and proper working order, functioning the schedule suited to your physical condition.
This time is made with 8 different herds with your colon in mind. This tea has mild cramping.

We get constipated from
	Not Eating Enough Fiber
	Eating Too Much Dairy
	Out of Balance Gut Bacteria
	Not Drinking Enough Water
	Too Much Supplemental Calcium or     Iron
	Eating Too Much Sugar and Unhealthy Fats
INSTRUCTIONS: For three days before ingesting our colon cleanse tea intake 24 ounces of water to jump start the flow of your GI tract. Put 1 tsp of loose herbs in pouch, place pouch in an 16 oz cup of hot water, let steep for 4 minutes, remove pouch. Drink 16 ounces of tea. You can drink the tea hot or cold. DO NOT eat anything until you've had a bowel movement. If it takes a couple hours to work drink hot tea or water.
This tea is not FDA Approved.
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