Creativity (Sacral Chakra)- Crystal Carnelian

Creativity (Sacral Chakra)- Crystal Carnelian


Infused with flowers, sage, pink Himalayan salt and a carnelian crystal 12oz Soy Candle


Scent: Amber Nori



This Creativity (Sacral Chakra)- Crystal Carnelian) candle is 100% soy and burn up to 60 hours. This candle is out #8 seller. 12.25 Oz. Closed Lid Premium Glass Container – 60+ Hour Burn TimePrice for One Candle: $13.50 + tax Amber Nori is a 100% SOY candle made in Dallas, Texas. 


The scent is Amber Nori a warm freshing scent that fills up the room.




Meaning: Carnelian Rough Stone is the life of the party. Creative and confident, it motivates a rush of vibrancy within the sacral chakra to stimulate your inner star. Working with it will lend a sense of power that can prove especially beneficial for anyone needing to break through creative blocks or those embarking on new projects.


Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus

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