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Emotional, Release Subscription

Emotional, Release Subscription

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Emotional Balance, and Structure 
Anxiety,  Depression & PTSD

As humans we all carry a burden. Our eyes are open to evil and recently, we’ve had to face it. Some of us process these traumas by suppressing what happened. For others, it’s easier to it bury deep inside and pretend like nothing’s happened at all. Still, others may take a different route, such as pushing people away and attempt to self isolate. 

I don’t know what your trauma is. But I know that it is something that you can get through when you feel alone, unsafe and trapped. 

Having frequent anxiety attacks? 
Not being able to sleep for more than 30 minutes. Feeling a lump in your throat or chest that just doesn’t go away. But it’s time to heal and work on letting go. The pressure from the world and boom it all explodes inside.
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