Love Thyself Subscription Box

Love Thyself Subscription Box


Love Thyself Zen Box is created for self love. 

Box includes a set of cystals, & smudging tools


In this Love Thyself Box: 
1 Love Thyself Self Care Candle
1 Set of crystals
A Mantra
1 Small Sage
1 Abalone Shell
1 Pink Feather
1 Palo Santo Stick
Ways to use your crystals:
Smudge them with sage to cleanse them
Carry them
Create a crystal grid
Meditate with them
Carry them with you
Feng should your home/work
Rose Quartz (unconditional love)
Green Aventurine (Luck Stone & Good fortunes)
Rhodonite Stone (heals a broken heart)
Green fluorite (re-energize the heart)
Amazonite (emotions issues)
Rose Quartz: is the stone unconditional love. This stones opens the heart to compassion for self and for others while raises self-esteem, eases guilt, balances emotions, lowers stress, brings peace clears negative energy.
Green Aventurine: Increases perception and creative insight. Stabilizes emotions, great stone for teenager. Shields the heart from energy loss.Activates, cleans and protects the heart.
Rhodonite Stone: The stone of calming, balance and patience. This stone can help calm you if your feeling impatient. This stone is very supportive of the heart chakra to help you attract love and ground those negative energies. This stone helps ground you from pouring into so many people and focus on yourself.
Green Fluorite: Green Fluorite aka the gentle healer. This stone detoxifies and energizes all chakras. This Stone also dispels negative energy in the home and work place. Re energize the atmosphere and heals any heart issues.
Amazonite: Amazonite is known for soothing the spirit and calming the soul. This stone provides harmony and balance while helping you deal with emotional issues while healing your energy and balancing your chakras.

Sage is wonderful for clearing out negativity in your home or workplace. It's also good to smudge your crystals with. Do not breathe in the smoke directly its just for cleansing.


Palo Santo Wood Stick


Palo santo wood


Palo santo wood is great for burning after you burn sage. The wood helps brighten the room with amazing energy, bring is positive energy and good fortune in your space. Great for enhancing clarity, reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

Abalone Shell Bowl

This bowl is used for smudging rituals to catch any debris from burning sage or palo santo wood.

Tip: Leave windows open in a room to allow negative energy to leave the room

How to use the Sage?
Slowly walk around where you are and take the smoke to each area you would like to cleanse. Concentrate on gateway areas, such as windows, doors, closets, as well as hallways. Also concentrate on the corners of a room.
Most importantly, use your intuition. If you allow it, your space will usually inform you as to which areas need to be cleansed the most.


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