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Our couples service allows you to relax in the same room with that special person in your life. Treat yourselves to hours of enjoyment together under the expert care of our full-time therapist Brenda. And we are happy to accommodate your preference of either a male or female to be the other therapist. Just let us know! Whatever your selection, you'll both experience a 90 minute Spirit of Zen massage, escape with a Zen rose petal foot bathe, hot towels, hot stones, and your choice of aromatherapy.


We hope you brought your appetite because next up is our five course meal. We begin you with an appetizer, accompanied by our chef’s choice of red wine, white wine, or champagne. He’ll choose the best pairing for your meal. Next cleanse your palette with a refreshing salad, followed by a main course that's more than worth the build up. Finish by indulging in a delectable dessert and capping it all off with a relaxing herbal tea to bring you back to Zen! 



After experiencing The Ultimate Night of Zen, you will leave feeling loved and appreciated. And you'll carry that joy and happiness with you for a long time to come. Rest assured, this session is not only time and money well spent, but rejuvenation well deserved.

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