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‎InspiHER‘d: On your mark, Get set, Go with Brenda Austin on Apple Podcast

"What are you waiting for...?"

An incredible story of what it takes to get there, this week meet Brenda.

She is magic.

I was really thinking about not doing it anymore. Wondering if anyone is even reading it…but then I got to thinking tonight after our interview with @nowandzenbodyworks I can’t quit.

Quitting is easy, keeping the fire burning is what makes you successful. It’s hard sometimes to remember that.

I enjoy sharing female brands that are incredible. I enjoy celebrating women doing cool things. So, coming from a place of things that bring me joy I am proud to announce the 2023 Jan list is up.

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Celebrating women and lifting women is something that truly lifts me up!

Join Her

Deep Tissue | Now and Zen Bodyworks | United States

Dallas Massage Therapy (@nowandzenbodyworks) • Instagram photos and videos


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