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"Reconnect with Your True Self: The Grounded, Rooted & Connected Retreat Experience"

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As women, we often find ourselves pulled in various directions, fulfilling responsibilities and tending to others' needs, leaving our well-being neglected. However, it is crucial to remember the importance of nurturing our own selves to lead a balanced and fulfilled life.

Imagine a week dedicated solely to your inner growth and rejuvenation—this is the essence of “The Grounded, Rooted & Connected Retreat” in the serene setting of Puerto Morelos, QR, Mexico. From February 11th to 17th, 2025, you are invited to embark on a transformative journey designed to strengthen the bond between your inner and outer selves.

You will Experience:

  • Daily Meals (does the $50 a day include breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Airport Transfer -pick up and drop off

  • Blessing ceremony

  • Plant a tree ceremony

  • 1 -hour-Photoshoot

  • Beach Day

  • Temazcal ceremony

  • Water ceremony at a private cenote

  • Fire ceremony

  • Reiki Healing with Brenda

  • Oracle Readings

  • Group Integration Release Exercise

  • Workshops

Day 1: Arrival and Introductions

  • Welcoming you to this cocoon of self-discovery, we set the tone for a week filled with personal growth and rejuvenation.

  • Ice-breaking activities to help you connect with fellow soul-seekers.

  • A grounding meditation session to center yourself and prepare for the days ahead.

Day 2: Embracing Your Essence Through Yoga

  • Morning yoga session led by a seasoned instructor to awaken your body and calm your mind.

  • Workshops on mindfulness and self-reflection to deepen your understanding of your authentic self.

  • Sunset meditation on the beach to align your energy and appreciate the beauty around you.

Day 3: Dance Your Heart Out

  • Release your inhibitions and reconnect with your inner child through a liberating dance workshop.

  • Guided journaling to reflect on your experiences and insights gained from the day’s activities.

  • Group sharing circle to build a supportive community and celebrate each other's growth.

Day 4: Nature Immersion and Self-Exploration

  • Explore the lush surroundings of Puerto Morelos through a nature walk to reconnect with the Earth.

  • Individual time for reflection and introspection in serene natural settings.

  • Evening bonfire gathering for sharing stories and insights under the starlit sky.

Day 5: Creative Expression and Inner Voice

  • Engage in an expressive arts workshop to tap into your creativity and unlock hidden emotions.

  • Personal growth sessions focusing on listening to your inner voice and trusting your intuition.

  • Group art exhibition to showcase your creations and celebrate your unique expression.

Day 6: Movement as Meditation

  • Dive deep into movement meditation sessions to synchronize body, mind, and spirit.

  • Partner activities to strengthen bonds with fellow participants and foster a sense of unity.

  • Closing ceremony to honor your journey and set intentions for continued growth beyond the retreat.

Day 7: Integration and Farewell

  • Final morning rituals to ground yourself and carry the retreat's essence into your daily life.

  • Farewell brunch to bid adieu to new friends and cherish the memories created.

  • A commitment to staying connected to your authentic self and nurturing the seeds of growth planted during the retreat.

Rediscover your authentic self, reignite your passion for life, and forge meaningful connections with like-minded women at “The Grounded, Rooted & Connected Retreat.” Join us on this life-altering journey where each day is a new opportunity to embrace your inner power and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself.

Embrace this transformative experience and step into a new chapter of self-discovery today.

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