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Drink water When you ask someone how much water should you drink we typically hear to drink eight glasses (8oz) of water a day but that has changed. Now, the recommendations state that men should drink more water than women. Men drink 12 glasses of water a day while women drink 9 glasses of water a day. Every men and women bodies are made up differently. Drink water according to how much you weigh and if you are physically active.


Being more flexible is a wonderful feeling. Your muscle aren't tight and angry at you for sitting at your desk all day.


Aim for 30mins a day of physical activity. If you are looking to lose weight consult a physical trainer for proper assistants and your doctor to check vitals.


Receiving a massage once a month is good but receiving a massage every two weeks is even better. Your massage therapist will get to know your body better and will be able to help keep the tension and knots (adhesions) in your specific areas.

Contact me directly for all your massage inquiries. 469.647.2251


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