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Now and Zen Bodyworks and Quadratus Lumborum

The Quadratus Lumborum muscle is a small flat quadrilateral shaped muscle found in the low back region. This muscle consists of superficial fibers and deep fibers.

The QL originates on the inferior aspect of the 12th rib and the tips of the lumbar TVPs, and runs in an inferolateral direction to attach onto the iliac crest. The quadratus lumborum muscle laterally flexes the vertebral column. It also acts to fixate the 12th rib during inspiration.

Massage Therapy and yoga can offer relief from problems associated with the QL muscles. Both offer avenues to relieve the physical imbalances and muscle fatigue associated with the causative elements in many QL issues. As the body is a complete system, we must look at any single issue in a holistic light and understand that full balance is achieved through bringing many small imbalances into alignment so that major imbalances can be corrected. Massage and yoga can both offer aid and relief, and when the two systems are used simultaneously, can go much further than either individually, offering a complementary approach that can bring greater homeostasis to our bodies and our lives.


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